What is Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. Student wellbeing can be defined as a state of positive psychological functioning that allows students to thrive, flourish and learn.


  • Excellent classroom teaching and learning
  • A positive school ethos and environment
  • The provision of services which help to prevent student problems (academic, social and emotional)
  • The provision of services which intervene to help students resolve problems when they occur – the role of the Wellbeing and Learning Diversity Leaders

Children who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

The wellbeing of students at St. Leonard’s is at the heart of all aspects of the child’s life of the school:

Teaching and Learning – ensuring all children have access to programs that meet their intellectual, social and emotional needs.

A safe, contemporary and supportive environment – physical resources and learning spaces that enhance the opportunity for children to learn in stimulating surrounds.

A focus on their Social and Emotional development – curriculum goals to enhance their relationships with each other, their families and the broader community.