School History

Early Days

The school was built in 1959 from funds provided by the Parish Community.

An Administration Block was constructed in 1981 and the school was refurbished again out of community funds.

Recent Times

In 2004 the school undertook a major buildings project that provided:

  • A new Multipurpose Room used for music lessons, PFA uniform shop and Before and After School Care
  • A new staff room and staff preparation area
  • Two newly refurbished prep classrooms
  • New toilet block

In 2007 two of the three classrooms in the north wing were gutted and refitted, creating a shared multimedia room between the two classrooms. In addition to this we installed Interactive Electronic Whiteboards in all of these classrooms. These whiteboards which are cutting edge technology replace the traditional blackboard with an interactive board that can not only be linked to the internet and student server but also have the capacity to be written on with an electronic pen. The pages produced can be saved as JPEGS and stored electronically for later use. The technology also allows our students to fully embrace the notion of multimedia through the use of digital cameras and webcams.

In 2007-2008 we spent a considerable amount of money replacing many of the existing computers in the school. Since then we have implemented an annual replacement cycle, whereby 20 odd computers are turned over each year. We now have in excess of 100 computers for our 284 students. Each pair of classroom has a multi media pod which can house up to 16 fully networked computers. During 2012 we purchased approximately 30 Mac pro lap top computers for our senior students. In February 2013 we took delivery of an additional 30 Mac pros for our middle school. From 2013 we will run a mac based program in years 3 -6.

In 2008 we fully gutted and refitted the remaining classroom in the north wing, creating a separate multimedia room for these students. This work included a gut out and refit of the current Art Room.

In 2009 work was completed on creating a Wellbeing and Learning Centre, housing 5 individual withdrawal rooms and 2 general work spaces. This area is staffed by a Student Services and Wellbeing Coordinator and 7  Support Staff who offer educational and emotional support for children in need.

In late 2009 the original school wing of 6 classrooms was demolished and work began on the multimillion dollar construction of a new double storey teaching block. This new building features spacious classrooms with multimedia pods and various breakout spaces adjoining the rooms. These rooms were opened in July 2010.

To complement this new building an outdoor learning space was constructed on the south side of the building. Each of the classrooms on the ground level has direct access to this space from the classroom. The works were started in September of 2010 and were completed in Jan 2011.

In August 2010 work began on constructing a new administration and 21st Century Library. This new building offers a large administration space, various administration offices, a parent resource room and a 21st century library. It also houses two storage areas and is internally connected to the new building opened in 2010. Works were completed in August 2011.

The north wing of the school contains a Wellbeing Centre and 4 recently refurbished rooms which house the Italian Room, Music Room, Art Room and a Resource Room.

In September 2013 works began on the refurbishment and redesign of the oval area. This space was developed to offer a good sized grass area for the children to play on and considerable interesting and ‘hands on spaces’ for them interact with. Works were completed in Nov 2013. The oval area was officially opened in February 2014

In 2012/2013 we purchased 70 Macpro laptop computers for use in the middle to senior classes.

In 2014 we purchased 30 iMac computers for the 1/2 classrooms. As of 2014 our school will operate a mac platform for all classes in years 1 – 6.

In 2015 we purchashed a class set of Chromebooks in order to assess their suitability for our future works as a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school.

In 2016 we purchased 100 Chromebooks so as to be able to run a 1 to 1 program for our year 5 & 6 students. Every child in 5/6 will be issued with their personal device during First Term.

In 2017 we replaced all of the electronic whiteboards in every learning space in the school.

In 2018 we purchased additional Chromebooks so that we can now run a 1 to 1 program fro all students in years 3 -6. We also now have a class set of Chromebooks to be used in the 1/2 classrooms.


1959 Miss Rosemary Rodriquez
1960 – 1967 Sister Marie Therese Jones PBVM
1968 – 1970 Sister Kathleen Biggs PBVM
1971 – 1973 Sister Maureen Cullen PBVM
1974 – 1976 Mr. Frank Stowe
1977 – 1981 Mr. Kevin Casey
1982 – 1987 Miss Barbara Bretherton
1988 – 1990 Mr. Barry Marr
1991 – 2005 Mrs. Celia Ellis
2006 – 2018 Mr. Bob Davis
2019 – present Mr Robert Horwood