Annual Report to the Community

Education In Faith outlines the curriculum and social justice initiatives we achieved and the efforts we went to to enable our students to lead these initiatives. Who could forget Talk Like a Pirate day and the Teacher Challenge?

Leadership & Management explains that we were in Year 4 of the School Improvement Cycle and therefore undertook an external school review.  We created and subsequently modified our Annual Action Plan targets and key strategies for school improvement. You can also read how we harnessed our Staff Positions of Leadership and empowered others to be better leaders as we became more agile and flexible leaders in response to the home learning programs that we ran.

Teaching & Learning outlines how the staff at St Leonard’s continued to have a strong focus on improving the learning outcomes of all students in the school. Although 2020 posed new challenges with the restrictions imposed during the Victorian Covid – 19 lock downs we continued to strive for improved outcomes for all students at St Leonard’s.

School Community describes the Commissioning Mass & Education Board Welcome BBQ and Picnic and our online assemblies including our new initiatives to connect and engage with the community, such as Leono (Leonard’s) Masters. It outlines our online prayer services and the construction of our $15,000 Sensory Space, the amazing online Speaker’s Tour, Book Week (Curious Creatures, Wild Minds) and the Year 6 Graduation: Summer Vibes Festival.

Student Wellbeing outlines  our intended outcome, that students develop confidence, motivation and resilience within a positive learning environment that enhances student achievement. Staff modified programs as mental wellbeing became a focus during the lockdowns and the Year 3 / 4 staff designed a unit of inquiry with a teaching focus on wellbeing. This included a wellbeing website, with daily self check in, meditation, podcasts. You can read about our engagement with the Child safe Standards.