School Community

St Leonard’s aspires to provide a welcoming family atmosphere. The school has a very strong parent community who play a vital role in developing a sense of belonging in the school. Our school encourages full parent participation, and maintains an open door policy for parents to enter fully into school life.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school with the main support coming through the Parish Education Board, Parent and Friends Association, Classroom Helpers and assisting on excursions, just to name a few.

Parents can be actively involved in their child’s education through:

  • Classroom Helpers
  • Parent Liaisons
  • Biennial Art Show
  • Biennial Performing Musical Concert
  • Excursions
  • Attendance at weekly assembly
  • Library assistance
  • Class Masses
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Representation on the Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
  • Representation on the Education Board
  • Attendance at Sacramental workshops and celebrations
  • Attendance at Education Sessions e.g. Parent Information nights, Open Days
  • Attendance at special school events e.g. Twilight Sports, Father’s Day Breakfast, Mother’s Day Breakfast
  • Social Functions