Education Board

St Leonard’s Parish Education Board (PEB)

The Education Board is the body of the school community made up of elected parents who are involved in the decision making process of the school.

The St Leonard’s Education Board consists of elected members that represent a wide cross-section of the parents within the St Leonard’s school community. This makes it well positioned to carry out its primary mission, which is to serve as an advisory Board to the St Leonard’s School and Parish. The St Leonard’s Education Board has been in operation since 1989 and endeavours to support the School by providing feedback and parental opinion, and to offer informed advice to the Parish Priest and School Principal on a wide range of issues.


“To build and support relationships between Parents, School and Parish”

To achieve our goal, we will:

  • Regularly provide Education Board up-dates to the parent body and School Community through the School     Newsletter.
  • Examine ways in which the school can continue and improve its connection with the Parish Church.
  • Promote “Professional Development” opportunities for parents.
  • Review and assist in the development of School Policies and Programs.

The group meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the staff room. 

Members of the PEB for 2019:

  • Fr John Dowling (Parish Priest)
  • Thomai Fischbacher (Chairperson)
  • Rob Horwood (Principal)
  • Kathryn Murphy (Deputy Principal)
  • Kathy P
  • Craig Plowman
  • Fabian Wijeyesinghe 
  • Ruwan Perera
  • Adrian Choi

St Leonard's Parish Education Advisory Board Constitution

St Leonard's Parish Education Advisory Board Guidelines