Calendar of Important events in 2018



5th Mon  Education Board Meeting  
13th Tues  Parent Information Night - 7pm Cybersafety Parent Night (Think U Know)  
14th Wed

 Ash Wednesday Whole School Mass 9:15 am

16th Fri   Ed Board Welcome BBQ  
18th Sun  School Commissioning Mass10am  
19th Mon  Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 - 7:00 pm  
21st Wed

 Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 - 7:00 pm      

26th Mon

 School Closure Day

27th Tues  School Closure Day  
27th Tues   PFA AGM meeting  
28th Wed  Reconciliation Family Workshop Night 7:00pm (x2 confirm)  


1st Thur  School Photo Day - Advance Life                                       
5th Mon  Education Board Meeting
12th Mon  Labour Day Public Holiday
13th Tues  Open Day 9 - 5 pm
15th Thur  Open Day 9 - 5 pm16th Fri
16th Fri  5/6 - Interschool Summer Tournament
20th Tues  First Reconciliation Night 7pm
22nd Thur  First Reconciliation Night 7 pm 
29th Thur  Term 1 End


16th Mon  Term 2 Begins
25th Wed  ANZAC Day Public Holiday
26th Thur  2019 Prep Orientation Day 2 - 3 pm


2nd Wed

 First Eucharist Family Workshop Night 7:00pm

4th Fri  5/6 Interschool Winter Sports Begin Round 1
6th Sun   First Eucharist Commitment Mass 10am
7th Mon  Education Board Meeting (AGM)
8th Tues   ICAS Digital Technologies Test
11th Fri  5/6 Interschool Winter Tournament
15th Tues   NAPLAN Language Conventions and Writing Yr 3 & 5 Testing
16th Wed   NAPLAN Reading Yr 3 & 5 Testing
17th Thur   NAPLAN Numeracy Yr 3 & 5 Testing
21st Mon   Open Day 9 - 4 pm State Education Week 
23rd Wed  Open  Day 9 - pm State Education Week
23rd Wed  Prep RE Family Workshop Night 4:30 & 6:30pm
29th Tues  ICAS Science Testing


1st Fri  5/6 Interschool Winter Tournament
4th Mon  Education Board Meeting
6th Wed

 Monash Waverley District Cross Country

6th Wed  2019 Prep Orientation Day 2 – 3 pm
11th Mon  Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
13th Wed  ICAS Testing for Spelling
14th Thur  ICAS Testing for Writing
17th Sun  First Eucharist 12pm
26th Tues  Parent Teacher Interviews. School to finish at 1:30
28th Thur  Parent Teacher Interviews. School to finish at 1:30
29th Fri  Term 2 ends


16th Mon  Term 3 begins                                                              
25th Wed

 Confirmation Family Workshop Night 7:00pm

29th Sun     Confirmation Commit Mass 10am
31st Tues  ICAS English Testing


2nd Thur  2019 Prep Orientation Day
6th Mon  Education Board Meeting
10th Fri   Hooptime Basketball Tournament
14th Tues  ICAS Mathematics Testing
15th Wed

 Feast of the Assumption Whole School Mass 9:15am

20th - 22nd  5/6 School Camp - Rumbug
30th Thur   District Athletics  


3rd Mon  Education Board Meeting
4th Tues  Confirmation Reflection Day
7th Fri   Confirmation 7pm
13th Thur  Opening of Art Show 7 - 9 pm
14th Fri  Art Show Open 3:30 - 4:30    
16th Sun  Art Show Open 10 - 12
20th Thur  2019 Prep Orientation Day
21st Fri   Term 3 Ends


8th Mon  Term 4 begin
11th Thur  Monash - Waverley Athletics
15th Mon  Education Board Meeting
24th Wed    Yr 1 Family Workshop Night 7pm
31st Wed  Open Doors ‘Stay Connected’ Seminar- parent only night.  


5th Mon   School Closure Day
6th Tues   Melbourne Cup Day
7th Wed   2019 Prep Parent Information Night /Social Event 7pm – 9pm
8th Thurs  Whole School Book Day.
9th Fri   2019 Prep Orientation Day 9:30 – 12:00
12th Mon       Swimming Program begins
14th Wed   Grade 5 Family Workshop “Leadership- Fan into Flame” 7pm


11th Tues       Prep Christmas Nativity play
12th Wed   Yr 6 Graduation Dinner TBC
18th Tues   Yr Graduation Mass 7 pm
19th Wed   Last day of school for all children. School finish at 1:30 pm
21st Fri   School Year ends for staff