School Fees

Schedule of Fees - 2018

The 2018 Fees and Levies will be as follows:

Family Fee $1,935 (per family)
Capital & Building Fee    $310 (per family)
School Levy    $249 (per child)
Excursion Levy      $55 (per child)
Building Levy

   $250 (per family)

Chromebook Levy                 $80 (per child in years 5 /6)

Camp Levy                             $250 (per student in tears 5 /6)

The fee structure is designed so that there is an annual fee of $1,935 per family. Each family also pays a capital & building  fee of $310. In addition to this there is an individual levy on each child of $304 made up of school levy of $249 and an excursion levy of $55 per child.

In 2009 the school took out a multi million dollar loan to complete the extensive building works that took place from 2009 - 2010. The $250 building levy contributes about 50 % of the repayment costs of this loan. The Parish also makes a significant contribution to this loan and the rest is funded from the school’s general account.

At the end of each year the Education Board examines the existing school fees and associated levies and makes recommendation to the school administration as to the fee structure for the following year. When determining the recommended fees and levies the Educational CPI is used as a guide to ensure we are keeping pace with the rising costs of maintaining the School.

The running costs of the school are met by a combination of Commonwealth and State Government grants in addition to the fees collected by the school. These costs include:- salaries; building, equipment and grounds maintenance; light; power and heating; insurance, rates, resource development and capital expenditure.

Student Levies contribute directly towards education costs (with the exception of school camps and the swimming program), which include things such as stationery needs; text books; library books; Maths and Literacy purchases; Technology purchases; art and craft materials; class incursions and excursions; sacramental programs; sporting equipment.

School Fees, Student Levies and Building Levies are payable over 3 instalments, collected in Terms 1, 2 and 3. There is no reimbursement of school fees for families where students are absent from school for a prolonged period due to family holidays as the school is holding an enrolment place open for your child.

Fee Payment

School fee accounts will be sent out at the beginning of Term 1, 2 and 3, with payment due within 14 days. Arrangements can also be made to pay school fees by instalments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Payment by instalments can be arranged through the school office.

As always, if the payment of school fees creates a problem for any family we invite them to discuss the matter privately with either the school bursar or Principal so that things can be worked out in a supportive manner